We save forwarders costs and improve turn around time per shipment.

How do we save you 50%-90% on shipment handling costs?

📈 Well… majority of the costs of a logistics outsourcing firm is in data extraction from documents and entry into systems.

📠 So we removed all data extraction & entry work for airway bills, bills of ladings, and invoices.

⏱️ In fact, we were able to reduce staff training time and cost by 80% to our closet competitor.

🏃 Our people are 5x more efficient because of AI & Software compared to other BPO’s.

We are passing these savings onto you! 🤑🎉

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Because of our technology, we can give you a better business model.

Yes, we charge a few cents
per shipment processed.

Say good bye to

per hour charging
per staff charging
overtime pay
being charged when you do less business
planning for seasonal staff rotations
time differential pay
operational headaches

Based on your shipment volume, this new business model can you to 50-80% savings annually on encoding costs.

Over 10,000 documents processed so far for our customers & partners.

How are we better than traditional BPOs from the early 2000s?

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On top of the better business model and software first approach, we have a better problem solving process.

This means that we do not simply throw bodies at your requirements.

We put together minds and talent to really get your business process & customers the love that it deserves.

What other technologies do we use to deliver a faster turn around time?

We integrate with your existing workflows and delivers on our value propsition to remove manual work completely.

After extracting data from a document, we send all that structured data into Transport Management Systems, Government Websites (Customs), Track and Trace Websites of your partners, Global EDI Networks and more.

We have an experienced engineering team at the port of Manila constantly building integrations 24/7 for our customers around the world.

This is the complete solution to removing manual work and ensuring the fastest turn around time in the market.

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We have the expertise on Artificial Intelligence & Freight to deliver.

Rui Aguiar, CTO

Rui worked in Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Group at Stanford which is the world's most well renowned research groups.

He worked on Computer Vision technology in the Stanford Hospital and has helped save countless lives. His published research can be found here.

Rui combines research with engineering experience from some of the world's top tech companies like Facebook, Airbnb and Stripe.

King Alandy Dy, CEO

King grew up in a family of shippers learning about international container trade. He also did AI research in Stanford University while studying engineering. He was awarded by Harvard SIC as a Global Trailblazer.

His background allows him to come in with deep expertise in logistics and artificial intelligence.

Tim Dumol, CIO

Tim Dumol was Engineer #1 of a Y Combinator Startup (13) for 7 years. He led engineering efforts from 0 users to handling 1000 requests every second and millions of users.

Tim builds strong engineering infrastructure for our machine learning applications while ranking 1st in several international data science & algorithm competitions.

In his free time, Tim is the coach of the National Olympiad of Informatics, training the best Computer Scientists in his home country.

Jefferson Tan, COO

Jeff’s family is one of the largest forwarder in the Philippines and he managed the operations in the business. He has worked in freight forwarders based in Shanghai and Manila, where he handled tens of thousands of shipments.

Given his extensive experience in operations, we can truly revolutionize how outsourcing is done for logistics.

We’re backed and advised by these amazing investors.

Liqing Zeng

Cofounder at Tencent, COO for 8 years and EVP

Co-founder of TaoMee

Decent Capital

George Kadifa

Board member at Perfecto, Apttus,  Snowsoftware, MDSL, FADEL, GoGuardian

EVP of Strat at HP, SVP at Oracle, VP at IBM

Nils Bunger

Director of Product at Evernote

CEO & CTO of MobileSpan (acquired by Dropbox)

Group PM at Dropbox Business

Robert Nelsen

Managing Director at ARCH

27 investments that have reached $1Billion+

Seed/early in ILMN,  JUNO, BEAM, SAGE, RUBY, etc.

Sarah Smith

Director of Ops and Growth at Facebook

VP of Ops and Director at Quora

MBA at Stanford

Investor in Persky & Lime

Eric Aguiar

CEO of Genovo

Director at BioHaven,  Eidos and Invitae

Partner at Aisling

Mike Brennan

President at Farmer's Fridge

Board member at Farmstead, Kitchfix, Natural Commerce, Vosges, Nelbud, BFR, Shield Compliance and CB Foods, and Workwave

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